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We have been managing our customer’s business successfully for 25 years!

  • Transport, import and export
  • Customs clearance
  • Groupage cargo

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Our services

International and multimodal transport
We transport goods by several types of transport under one contract.
Door-to-door delivery
We pick up the goods from the customer’s office / warehouse / home and deliver it to the recipient’s office / warehouse / home.
Cargo certification
Preparation of customs documents, insurances, declarations.
Express delivery
Choosing the best route and transport for the fastest delivery.
International transportation of oversized cargo
We transport any oversized cargo to any country with our customs clearance.
Air freight
We have been delivering goods for more than 5 years, and know all the secrets of fast and inexpensive delivery. From three days.
Outsourcing and consulting with foreign trade activities (FTA)
We take the risks with taxes and currency.
Freight cost calculation
Quick calculation of the cost at the market rate. We carry out transportation without intermediaries.
Consolidation of goods in warehouses
Gathering all your goods at the one warehouse.
Groupage cargo delivery
5 minutes to calculate the price for cargo delivery

Our team

Tarasov Kirill Daniilovich

Expertise: Forwarding in Ports, Air Freight, Rail Transport, Sea Shipping.

Work experience 5 years.

Bushuev Vladislav

Expertise: Own transport, forwarding in Russia

Work experience 7 years.

Pasmurtsev Mikhail Viktorovich

Expertise: Development Manager.

Work experience 12 years.

Umbilya Oleg

Expertise: VA International Transportation Manager

Work experience 5 years.


  • We only deal with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs
  • Goods from 1 kg are acceptable
  • Delivery time from 2 days
  • We send any consignments of goods
  • Delivery is possible to all regions and cities of Russia
  • A full package of documents is provided

"TLGroup", the transport and logistics company

The company provides a full range of services for cargo transportation and customs clearance of goods. The logistics process is well-organized and considers the specifics of each particular cargo. Our experts provide solutions to the challenges quickly and develop the optimal route to minimize transport costs and transportation times.

Types of Services

The company provides cargo transportation in all directions by all themodes of transport.

Depending on customer needs, we select the most affordable and fastest way to deliver the goods, and solve all the related problems.

"TLGroup", the transport and logistics company, provides the following services:

  • intercity and international transportation;
  • logistics services and development of a transportation route;
  • calculation of the cost and delivery time;
  • preparation of documentation, customs clearance and certification of goods;
  • all the services of freight forwarding;
  • temporary storage in the company's warehouse;
  • loading and unloading works;
  • multimodal transportation and delivery of groupage cargo;
  • insurances during transportation.

We have a lot of experience and a great team of professionals. Therefore, we guarantee an excellent result of our work and minimum transport costs. TLGroup offers “turnkey delivery”: transportation of the cargo, customs clearance of cargo and solution of all the issues. We control the entire transportation cycle, including paperwork and funding.

Advantages of the "TLGroup”

If you collaborate with "TLGroup", you get quality transport services at affordable prices. We have various pricing and help you to choose the best one. Payment on delivery is available.

Others advantages of our company:

  • experience over 25 years;
  • a wide range of services and favorable prices;
  • high qualification of the team;
  • complying with all the conditions of the contract;
  • the shortest possible delivery time;
  • transportation of any types of cargo;
  • providing of all the documents and invoices;
  • 100% guarantee of the safety and integrity of the goods.

You can order TLGroup services online by leaving a request on this website: please do not forget about contact info. For more details, please contact our consultant at the specified phone number. By concluding a contract for long cooperation with our company, you will receive a full range of transport and logistics services at the most favorable rates.

Our advantages

Payment on delivery

We can accept payment after delivery. You pay only when you receive the goods

Contracts and documents

We will produce all the documents according to customs legislation

Delivery guarantee

All goods are insured and we guarantee delivery on time

Delivery speed

We will deliver the goods as soon as possible, according to the contract

Low price

We have our own transport, consolidation warehouses and direct contracts with partners

Highly qualified team

Every manager has high-level expertise and more than 5 years of experience

Freight Forwarding and Logistics: Cost of Services

LLC "TLGroup" offers various pricing packages for the services. You can choose options to reduce transportation costs, as well as choose additional services from the list. We accept applications online. Detailed information can be found on our website or by phone. We always look for the best solutions and use the individual approach to each case. Logistic company "TLGroup" provides services for the transportation of goods in all directions, as well as customs clearance of imported goods. With us, you will get the best service. The website contains all the necessary information about us and the services that we provide.

About "TLGroup"

"TLGroup" manages the logistics process to accommodate the needs of clients and minimize delivery time and cost. We use the individual approach to each transportation, with developing an individual route, requiring the best mode of transport and determination of additional services. Depending on client’s request, we find the fastest or the most affordable way of transportation.

You will get al the logistic services from "TLGroup":

  1. Transportation of goods by airplanes, ships and auto transport.
  2. Individual routes by high qualified logisticians: all the characteristics of goods and delivery time will be taken into account.
  3. Qualified forwarding during the entire time of transportation.
  4. Official customs clearance, in seaports and at other points; developing of all the documentation; calculation of customs payments.
  5. Temporary storage services. We have big and well-developed warehouses.
  6. Affordable cost of transportation and forwarding for businesses of all sizes.
  7. Strict compliance with the contract

Stages of Сonsolidated Delivery and Delivery of Groupage Cargo

Collecting goods from different customers
Cargo handling (weighing, packing, repackaging, marking)
Forming the combined container / machin
Registration of the necessary documents
Sending to the destination country
Customs clearance of the arrived cargo
Unloading at the warehouse
Delivery of the piece goods to the buyer

International Transportation Services

Customs clearance is an obligatory option of international cargo transportation. As part of door-to-door delivery, TLGroup provides the client with goods delivery at a given address. The company's customs services include the preparation of documents, their execution and calculations. We minimize risks and reduce customer costs for sending and / or receiving goods.

We have a forwarding service that works on complying with all the conditions of the contract. The range of services includes control of the entire cycle of transportation, inspection, storage, picking, packaging and registration of goods and vehicles, as well as for the appropriate documentary and financial support.

"TLGroup'' strictly follows the contract. Long-term partners can get the best prices and bonuses.