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Advanced technology
Use of advanced technology in customs

Openness of work
Full financial and informational openness of work

As soon as possible
The shortest time to process an order and deliver the goods

Affordable prices
Prices are lower than competitors

Individual approach
Individual approach to each client

Our company

TLGroup forms the logistic process in such a way as to fully take into account the needs of the client, and also to minimize the material and time costs for the transportation of goods. Each transportation is considered by our specialists individually - the optimal route is developed, preference is given to the most accessible (or fastest - depending on the request) mode of transportation, determined by the range of necessary accompanying services.
In "TLGroup" you will receive a full range of logistics services:

1. Transportation of goods using air, sea and road transport.
2.Specially developed by professional logisticians transportation route, taking into account the characteristics of a particular cargo and the urgency of delivery.
3. Qualified forwarding during the whole transportation time.
4.Official clearance of cargo at customs points, in seaports, preparation of accompanying documentation, calculation of customs payments.
5. Temporary storage services due to the presence of ample storage capacity.
6.Individual approach and affordable cost of transportation and forwarding for representatives of both large and medium, and small businesses.
7. Scrupulous observance of the terms and conditions of cooperation specified in the contract.

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